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The Skyline of Singapore at Night

Singapore is perhaps the most vibrant and exciting city is all of Southeast Asia. The bright lights of the city and world class shopping make it a popular destination for tourists from around the world. It is an idea entry point for first-time travelers to Southeast Asia because you can expect western standards of cleanliness and easy access to other popular destinations such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The city itself is one of the most impressive urbanized areas in the world. Singapore’s skyline is not surpassed by many others in the world is truly a sight to behold when you see it firsthand. The biggest drawback for most people is the cost! Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Budget travelers will find it a challenge to travel to Singapore without breaking the bank. Our website is designed to find the best budget hotels and activities in Singapore to make your vacation both cost effective and comfortable. We hope you find our site a useful tool for learning how to explore Singapore on a budget.

Budget Travel Tips for Singapore

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Getting Cheap flights to Singapore

Any long international flight is going to be expensive, but you can get decent deals on roundtrip airfare to Singapore by shopping around. It is not uncommon to find roundtrip flights for under $900 USD. TIP: If you are exploring Asia, look into an “Open Jaw” flights that include Singapore and Hong Kong. These are the 2 cheapest airports to fly into.

Tiger Airways running Cheap Flight to Singapore

Getting a Budget Accommodations in Singapore

Hotel accommodations in the city are quite expensive, especially when compared to other areas in the region. The only other city in Southeast Asia with higher hotel rates is Hong Kong. However, with some research and some luck it can be very possible to get a great hotel in Singapore at a budget rate. We have compiled a list of the top 5 budget hotels in Singapore to help with the search. You might also consider a Bed and Breakfast of a Hostel.

Singapore’s public transport system

Most importantly, you will want a location that is close to the MRT system (subway and train), which can provide quick transport to any of the major attractions in the city. For budget travelers, this is the best option for transport in the city because it is cheap, fast, and easy to utilize. Use public transport in Singapore on a budget.

Pros and Cons of Traveling to Singapore



What to Expect when you arrive in Singapore

The population of Singapore is about 5 million, with the majority (74%) being Chinese. It is a very diverse area and you will cultural groups from throughout the world. It can be overwhelming and chaotic when you first arrive in the city. It is one of the major financial and business capitals of the world, so expect to be immersed in a busy fast paced urban environment.

Health and Safety

The Lion City is often considered the gateway to Southeast Asia for westerners because of the high standards of health and safety in Singapore. The food industry in Singapore is perhaps the most highly regulated in the world. Restaurants face stiff penalties for any food code violations, so feel free to eat what you want with a low risk of food borne illness. Crime is low, but there are still incidents of theft among tourists. Just use good judgment with your personal belongings and never leave sight of your purse of wallet.

Weather in Singapore

When should you visit Singapore? Located just 150km or 1 degree north of the equator line, the weather in Singapore can be pretty warm and humid throughout the entire  year. Americans might describe the weather as being similar to Florida, or coastal cities in Texas. There are no actual seasons in the area, so you can expect fairly consistent weather throughout the year. However, there are two monsoon seasons during the year that bring a great deal of rainfall. The first monsoon season runs from December to March, and the second monsoon season runs from June to September. If you are planning on traveling during this times you can expect a higher level of rainfall during the monsoon seasons, but it is usually not something to change your travel plans over. Overall, the weather in Singapore is comfortable for tourists all year around.

Cool Areas to Visit in the City


The Chinese culture in Singapore is, in a word, awesome. For people from the west, this can be a great place to get a real taste of Chinese culture and cuisines. There are all sorts of vendors that provide keepsakes that will be found nowhere else in the world. Best of all, the prices are low and you should be able to visit on a budget. Don’t miss Chinatown when you visit Singapore.

Chinatown in Singapore


Sentosa is an island sized theme park, with a whole bunch of great beaches and other attractions. It is great place to go with family, but probably not the best sport for budget travelers when it comes to hotel rates. Your best bet is to make Sentosa a day trip and ride the monorail around the little island.

Little India

This is another must visit area for western tourists. You can get an authentic taste of Indian culture and cuisine, and do it all on a very small budget. The food is exquisite and there are all sorts of interesting sights in Little India.

Singapore Zoological Gardens

Filled with amazing plant species and animal life, the Singapore Zoological Gardens is one of the world class areas to see nature in an urban area

Budget Travel Advice for Singapore

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