Best Time to Visit Singapore

Singapore is a must see city on your excursions through South East Asia. The bustling port city sports a vibrant nightlife scene, great sightseeing opportunities and some amazing cuisine influenced from cultures around the world who have settled here.  When planning your trip to Singapore, it is important to take note of just when the right time to visit is. Sure, the city is a great place to come through any time of year. But for the best experience possible you may want to consider coming during the times where the city is most alive and there are many activities to enjoy.

When Should You Travel to Singapore?

July- August - This is the time of year that is the slowest for tourism in Singapore and thus cheaper rates may be available for budget minded travelers. While the city may not be as busy, remember that Singapore is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and will remain vibrant throughout the entire year. These off peak months are great for travelers looking to enjoy lower traffic around the attractions and easier availability of hotel rooms throughout the city.

The Chinese Lunar New Year - This is a great time to be in Singapore as the city celebrates the New Year. The Chingay parade is a site to see and a great travel experience for those looking for a unique offering. Keep in mind that many shops will close for up to 3 days around the time of the New Year and corresponding weekend so plan ahead. The Holiday takes place on either January or February depending on the Moon’s cycle.

Planning around the Monsoon Months - From November through January Singapore see’s it largest accumulation of rainfall. While many locals rejoice in the lower temperatures that this creates, for travelers trying to get out and see the sites, the massive downpours can be a bit inconvenient. Planning your trip around this period is a good idea for those who plan to be out and around the city for a large amount of time.

June-September - This period is where temperatures are at their peak. Travelers will be able to get around easier as rainfall is at is lowest accumulation of the year during this period, however the temperatures and humidity will likely wear down travelers attempting to trek around the city all day. If you plan on coming during these months and seeing the sights, be sure to plan ahead and bring enough water and plan some time to rest. Also be aware that while rain is more infrequent during this period, scattered showers are quite common, so keep this fact in mind

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