Budget Entertainment in Singapore

When thinking of Singapore, many foreigners may conjure up images of busy streets with businessmen moving about. What many don’t know is that when the busy day winds down, the city comes alive and there is no shortage of great entertainment options in Singapore. Maybe it is the pounding bass beats down on Orchard Road that you are after, or perhaps the Chinese street Opera’s are more your speed. Whatever your particular taste is, it is quite likely that this international city will have precisely what you are looking for. Furthermore, many options can be enjoyed for cheaper than you might expect. You might even want to see one of the many great shows offered in the Lion City. The following options are great for entertaining those on a budget when in Singapore.

Top Entertainment and Shows in Singapore on a Budget

The Arts House - In the building that was once Singapore’s first Parliament house, The Arts house offers some amazing shows and tours of their expansive showcases of the best in Singaporean arts. Check the updated schedule for show times and showcases. The cost of most events is usually quite reasonable and this is a great and unique attraction that gives you a peak into the real Singapore.

Omni - Theater and Planetarium - This is a cool place to go visit at the Science center in Singapore. Whether you are going to view an IMAX movie or just to check out the planetarium, the prices are relatively cheap and it is a fun and different place to visit. Easy to find location and

Arab Street - Arab Street is home to the Sultan Mosque and many other attractions and is a hot spot for foreigners making their way through Singapore. With great shopping for clothing and fabrics, this district is very busy throughout the day. Because of this you can find many lively spots in the early evening filled with tourists hanging out and enjoying a cold beer after a long day. A great place to enjoy an afternoon and evening when in Singapore.

Esplanade Theaters on the Bay - This is an amazing venue and a wonderful place to go and see a show.  Known as the venue for performing arts in Singapore, many shows are offered throughout the year and prices can vary depending on the act. Many are quite reasonable and the venue is a great place to go relax and be entertained.

Little India - This large district in Singapore has old Indian temples and great shopping. For those looking for some fun at night, check out the bars on racecourse road. These are basically your traditional dive bars, offering no glitz and glam, but cheap pints and a whole lot of fun for the unpretentious.

Other Budget Things to Do in Singapore