Singapore Budget Travel Tips

As a traveler in any big city there are always opportunistic business owners looking to make money off of naïve tourists. Knowing how to avoid tourist traps and travel on the cheap is an art of its own. From staying in hostels and eating street food to avoiding taxis in favor of public transportation, there are many ways that travelers can save money when in Singapore. Knowing these tips and tricks can not only help travelers save money, but also ensure that the experience you enjoy is unique and authentic, giving you a peak into the real Singapore not shown in guidebooks. The following are the top 4 budget travel tips when in Singapore.

Cheap Travel Trips for Singapore

Find cheap accommodation before arriving - Singapore can be a difficult city to navigate at first and it is best to have a location picked out before arriving. Hotel rates can vary dramatically and to avoid staying at an expensive hotel out of desperation, plan ahead and book a nice place online before arriving. While Singapore is an expensive city, plenty of great budget options do exist.

Utilize Public Transit - Singapore is well connected through its public transit system and between the rail and bus services, getting nearly anywhere in the city is not terribly difficult. Call ahead before arriving in Singapore to get the specifics on how to get to your hotel to avoid carrying you luggage all around the city in search of the hotel. Ask your hotel reception how to get to the various sites and attractions and not which buses to take both on the way there and back. Public transit can provide huge savings over taxis or rental cars and for tourists unlimited day passes are available from just $8.

Eat Cheap - Singapore is known for its delicious and diverse food and with so many great options, it is a great city to eat well cheaply. With great Thai, Chinese and Indian food that can be found easily all over the city, there is no need to head to the elegant and expensive restaurants. Try the local street food and ask around for the best local spots that aren’t found in guide books.

Explore the city - Exploring the city and seeing the sight is something that costs little if any money and yet will give you a feel for the true essence of Singapore. Avoid the more touristy stops and head for the lesser known hidden gems in the city. Many activities in the city are free if you know where to look. Avoid the expensive tour groups and instead have your own unique experience in Singapore while saving money.

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