Cheap Car Rentals in Singapore

For many travelers, navigating a new city with public transport can be difficult, especially in a foreign country where signs may not always be in English and asking for directions can be a whole other adventure. For travelers looking to avoid the headaches and annoyances that come along with this form of getting around, renting a car can be a welcome convenience. In Singapore, there is no shortage of options to look into when renting an automobile. Since the city is quite small in size, it can be a great way to see much of the city more easily. However, it is important to keep in mind that certain rules and restrictions apply and foreigners should come prepared when looking to rent a car with all necessary documents in hand. The following are well known brands providing quality car rental service in Singapore.

Top Budget Car Rental Compaines in Singapore

Avis Car Rentals - This is an international trusted brand that always seems to offer some of the lowest rates on car rentals. Avis also offers Chauffeur service for those who may not qualify to drive in foreign countries. When coming to Singapore, Avis may well be your best option.

Alpine Car Rental - Alpine car rental is a cool company offering some great vehicles for rent whether a luxury automobile or a commuter that will save you on gas, Alpine will likely have just what you are after. Complete with a 24/7 emergency hotline, Alpine makes sure its customers are well taken care of should anything go awry.

Express Car Rental - All cars are equipped with cd players and air conditioners and Clients find Express car rental to be a great cheap way to rent a car for their stay in Singapore.  Some of the lowest rates to be found in the city can be found through Express and the friendly service provided by the Express car rental staff is an added bonus.

Super One car Rental - Super one is a great place to rent nice higher end model cars with the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, they have got you covered. With a strong service staff and free towing in the event of a breakdown, Super one is a great option. For the quality and service provided, this company is also a bargain with low daily rental rates.

Payless Car Rental - payless has it all with a promise to deliver the lowest prices. Car rental, leasing, chauffeur and limousine services are all available through Payless and a nice fleet of automobiles including some Hybrids are available for travelers arriving in Singapore

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