Getting Cheap Flights to Singapore

Getting cheap flights to any city these days takes quite a bit of research. With fuel prices soaring, the cost of long distance flights has also been steadily climbing. For those who know where to look however, it is still possible to find cheap flights to Singapore from many different cities. This cost is usually the hardest to pin down as different airlines may be offering specials from time to time. Knowing which airlines are the best choices to consider when heading to Singapore may well save you quite a bit of money. The following airlines are the best choices to look at first when planning your trip to Singapore.

Best Airlines for Singapore Budget Travel

Tiger Airways - The hands down best budget airline in the Singapore area. If you are traveling from Southeast Asia, you can get flights to the city for as little as $40 USD. It is too bad that they don't offer long distance flights.

United - Offering the most flight options from the US to Singapore at competitive prices. United is a trusted airline in the US and provides great service and reasonable prices. On long distance flights United is much cheaper than other popular airlines when flying into Singapore.

United Air Emirates - Perhaps the best choice to start with as United Air Emirates flys to Singapore from locations worldwide. From Europe and Australia this is a top option for travelers looking to make the trip into Singapore.

Jet Star - For flights from Australia, Jet Star is well known for providing great prices on flights into South East Asia. Compare with other top airlines such as United Air Emirates and Air Asia to shop for the best prices on your particular journey. From Australia, this may well be the best option for getting into Singapore.

Air Asia - Offering great prices on flights around Asia and from select destination worldwide this airline is a great choice for those taking a trip through Asia. The company also fly’s from the United Kingdom as well as Australia. If you are planning to fly in on a different Airline to Singapore but are looking to travel to more than one location in Asia, check out Air Asia for some very low rates on flights around the region. The Airline fly’s to many different locations in Asia and is by far one of the cheapest options available.

British Airways - Though you may not think of British Airways as an airline that offers budget flights, the prices offered are quite competitive for long distance journeys to Singapore. The class and comfort you will feel will serve as an added bonus and you will get your money’s worth when flying to far away destinations. Book well in advance with flexible dates and it is possible to find some very good deals on flights into South East Asia.

Other Singapore Budget Travel Advice