Cheapest Way to Get Around Singapore

With nearly 6 million people Singapore is a very big and dense city. Getting around this big city is quite easy however as the island city is small in land mass and well equipped with public transportation and quite easy to navigate.  Whether you choose to use the ferry, bus, light rail or subway, getting nearly anywhere is easy to figure out even with the hectic pace of the city. While taxis and rental cars may offer greater flexibility and convenience, utilizing public transportation will be much less expensive and also give you a more authentic feel for the city. The following rundown lists some of the best ways to get around Singapore.

Singapore Public Transport System

Subway or Metro - The mass rapid Transit (MRT) system is the cheapest way of getting around. 4 lines run to locations around the city from 6am to 12 pm and can get you nearly anywhere within the city, though you may need to catch connecting buses as well. Single route tickets are also available starting around SGD$1.90.

Bus System - 2 main bus companies run the public busses in Singapore from 6am to 11 PM. The SMRT buses and the SBS Transit Company will get you around the island easily and inexpensively. Single route passes are also available and pricing may vary depending on where you are heading.

Tourist passes - The tourist passes are sold to travelers looking for unlimited use of the public transportation for a day at a time. Day passes will cost travelers just $8 and they will enjoy full use of all Mass rapid transit system as well as all public buses. Two and three day passes are available for $16 and $24 respectively.

Rental Car - There is a huge amount of companies offering rental car service in Singapore. Keep in mind that as a tourist you must have all needed documents upon rental including an international driver’s license. Many companies will also only accept cash so keep this in mind and come prepared to pay the amount necessary in cash.

Taxi - Though more expensive than public transit, taxi’s are a common choice for travelers looking to avoid the hassle and headaches of figuring out how to get around in a foreign country. Taxi’s in Singapore are relatively inexpensive but be sure to agree on a price for a specific location and know how much the trip should cost as some drivers will take advantage of naive tourists. Keep in mind that many tourists report being over charged and be sure to count your change as some incidents have been reported of drivers being dishonest. For the most part however, the taxi drivers are friendly and helpful and many may even tell you about some of the sites as you pass by.

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