Free Activities in Singapore

For budget travelers, Singapore can be an expensive city to explore. While there are great attractions and some great diverse areas to visit, it can be difficult to experience all there is to see while on a budget. Luckily for those looking to explore Singapore on the cheap, there are some great free attraction that will give you a glimpse of the city. After all, you are spending enough in coming to and staying in Singapore, save your money for those expenses and head on out to these interesting locations for some free entertainment. These top 5 locations are the best of the free attractions and will let your trip stay within its required budget while letting you see some great attractions.

Top 5 Free Attractions in Singapore

Religious Sites - Singapore is home to a myriad of faiths and thus is home to many intriguing religious sites. Though guided tours are available, you can instead venture out on your own to explore these sites at your own pace and even devote an entire day or two to learning about these sites and the religions that worship within them. The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum is the most popular choice and will give you a great peak into Buddhism while visiting the gorgeous temple.

The Singapore Botanic Garden - Entry to the garden itself is free, though to view the Orchid garden there is a charge of $3.35. There is much to see here and it is a great tranquil place to relax and escape the busy city to become closer to nature.  Remember your camera as you view the exotic plant life and lush gardens that provide a prime photo opportunity for travelers.

The Waterfront Promenade - The waterfront Promenade makes for a great place to go for a walk and view the gorgeous natural settings. This is a great way to escape the city without have to leave at all as this area is still very close to all Marina Bay attractions.

Chinatown - Chinatown is an excellent place to walk through and view the distinct surroundings that make this city so wonderful and diverse.  There are many attractions and good shopping, but for the penny pinchers, just walking through this area and exploring with an open mind can be quite the adventure in and of itself.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve - A great place for hiking with trails through nature when you can view moneys and other rare mammals. Remember when heading here that this is Singapore and you should bring water as the humidity can really wear on you and dehydration will set in when hiking around this nature reserve. A nice, fun place to visit on a weekend morning.

Other Budget Things to Do in Singapore