How to Visit Singapore on a Budget

Budget travel is always a difficult endeavor not matter which way you choose to go about it. From finding the cheapest flights to budget accommodation, this art requires a large amount of research and planning to be done well. For those looking to save money and put in this effort, it is possible to travel in Singapore on a budget. There are cheap flights available and also many fun activities that will not break the bank. While this can be difficult in a city like Singapore which is admittedly more expensive than other South East Asian cities, it is possible with a bit of forward thinking. The following list should have you some headaches and hopefully a little cash when heading to Singapore.

Cheap Flights - For most travelers, the difficulty in exploring Singapore is the high price associated with getting there in the first place. Look for cheap flights through United Air Emirates, British Airways, United, Jetstar or Air Asia depending on where you are coming from as these airlines will often offer the best rates.

Budget Accommodations - Though thought of as an expensive city there are plenty of hostels, bed and breakfasts and budget hotels spread throughout the city offering quality accommodation at a low price. Doing thorough research into the offering of each place and whether the set up is a shared living area of hotel style arrangement is necessary before heading here. Some hostels offer private rooms for traveling groups which is usually the lowest priced accommodation that is available in the city.

Eating on the Cheap - If you stay out of the real tourist laden districts when looking for places to eat, you can find some cheap and delicious offerings from many different regions. Great Chinese, Thai and Indian food is available throughout the city. Try and find out where the locals go to get their fix of these tasty dishes.

Getting around town - As a densely populated city Singapore is relatively small and thus easy to navigate by the expansive public transportation system. The Mass rapid transit system and city buses can get you pretty much anywhere and day passes for unlimited daily use are just $8

Seeing the sites - Luckily there are many great sites in Singapore that are free or very cheap to see. From the Zoo to the many religious sites, travelers can find many ways to get out and explore these areas for less than $20 per day. Guided tours are available for those with bigger budgets, however many of the sites can be seen while on your own. The Singapore Botanic Garden is a must see and entry is free with the exception of the Orchid garden where entry is just $3.35

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