Health and Safety in Singapore

Every big city has its dangers and annoyances from pick pockets to violent muggers, the opportunistic crime found in many big cities is well known. Singapore is a big city that enjoys a very low crime rate. Though petty theft may exist, violent crime is quite rare. When traveling in Singapore, taking certain precautions will help to ensure that you are not an easy target for someone looking to snatch some of your money and take off. Overall Singapore is quite a safe city if you come prepared and informed of where to go and more importantly what to avoid.

Safety Tips when Traveling in Singapore

Drug Laws - For the Hippie minded backpackers, it is important to note that the drug laws in Singapore are extremely strict and carry harsh penalties. Drug trafficking is an extremely serious offense and even carries the death penalty so clearly it would be a good idea to avoid these activities while in the Country.

Hospitals - Some of the best hospitals in Southeast Asia are located in the heart or Singapore. If you have a serious medical condition, you may want to research locations near your hotel. Make sure to purchase travel insurance before leaving your home country.

Food Safety - The health code of the food industry in Singapore exceeds that of the USA. You have very little to worry about when it comes to eating in the this city.

Tourist Places - You should pay extra attention to avoid the pick pockets when in touristy or extremely crowded areas. While crime rates are low, petty theft exist nearly anywhere in the world where the opportunities are so plentiful. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry when out late at night as mugging or robberies though rare are not unheard of.

Be Safe, but Enjoy Yourself - There is no need to be overly cautious as Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world. Though no place is without crime, this is a place where you can feel quite confident that you will be safe when heading into the city. For such a large city, Singapore has an extremely low crime rate due to the harsh penalties for breaking the law. Of particular note to uninformed foreigners is that homosexual acts, smoking in public and eating or chewing gum on the subway are all against the law. Note the laws that stick out in your mind and avoid committing these while in Singapore.

Be safe at night - As with any big city, if you plan on going out in the evening, exercise caution concerning how much you drink and how late you are out. Though incidents of beatings or robberies are quite rare, when alcohol is involved and the hour is late, things can happen in any city regardless of the harsh laws deterring citizens from such acts. Exercise the same judgment that you would in your own hometown and have respect you should have no problems.

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