Budget Cruises from Singapore

Taking a cruise in Singapore can be a great experience. There are two major destinations for cruises that start in Singapore, which include the South China Sea and the Andaman Sea. This can be an amazing and safe way to experience Southeast Asia. When you are on a cruise ship you know what to expect, but still get to enjoy the culture and tourist attactions. In many cases, this can actually be a less expensive way to travel and is one of the best options for seeing singapore on a budget.

Andaman Sea Cruises from Singapore

Sailing the Andaman Sea will take you to some of the world’s most beautiful coastlines and beaches. The cost of Malaysia and Thailand is truly amazing and contains a great deal of the world’s most precious ocean life. The scuba diving and snorkeling activities in this area rival that of the Great Barrier Reef. You can expect to stop in Phuket , Krabi, or Koh Phi Phi along the way, with other possible locations on the coast of Thailand. This is the ideal route if you are looking to have a good time on the beach and enjoy Thai culture. The top cruise line in Singapore is Star Cruises and you can visit their website at www.startcruises.com

South China Sea Cruises from Singapore

Cruising to the South China Sea is another great way to go when starting out in Singapore. There are many great destinations on the eastern Thai border to visit in addition to mainland China. The typical end point for a cruise in the South China Sea is Hong Kong, one of the most amazing urban centers in the world. Expect to stop in locations that have great shopping and culture if you choose this route on your cruise.  

Getting a Singapore Cruise on a Budget

Finding a cruise on the cheap is not always an easy task, and this is especially true when sailing from Singapore. We recommend that you contact thecruise line directly to find special offers that the cruise line offers. You can usually find the best deals when searching for a ticket at the last minute. Thecruise line wants to fill all of its spots, so unfilled rooms will be at the lowest rates just before the cruise starts. The main drawback of this strategy is that you may not be able to get a ticket if the cruise is sold out.

Other Singapore Budget Accomadations