The Best Budget Activities in Singapore

Traveling on a budget is a difficult undertaking. When on the road in a new city, the urge is usually to see and do as much as possible to make the most of your vacation. This can be very expensive, especially in big cities like Singapore where the cost of living is quite high. It is possible however to experience the city and stick to a tight budget. Learning of some of the lower cost activities that are also interesting and fun can be very helpful when going to any city. The following 5 budget activities in Singapore will ensure that you enjoy yourself in Singapore without breaking the bank. We hope these tips help you find cheap attractions in singapore.

Top 5 Budget Attractions in Singapore

Singapore Botanic Garden - This is the place to go for a cheap and amazing experience. For just $3.35 you can take a peaceful walk through the gorgeous lush natural surroundings in the Orchid garden, or enjoy the rest of the botanic garden absolutely free. An excellent way to get away from the city and relax in the calm tranquil settings. Great exotic plant life and a terrific place to bring your camera to capture some great photos.

Singapore Zoo - For under $20 you can spend an entire day in the natural surroundings with a huge variety of different animals. This is without question on of the top Zoo’s in all of Asia and is raved about by travelers for its uniqueness. Head here early, preferably on a weekday and you will have an amazing time touring this Massive Zoo. The night Safari is also a very neat and unique experience for travelers looking for a fun change up, although it can get a bit crowded.

The Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Flyer - Stunning views of the entire area and a great place to visit for an evening out in Singapore. The massive spinning wheel offers a 30 minute ride with Panoramic views of the city and coast and the surrounding area offers many entertainment options as well. Though a bit pricier than the other options on this list, this attraction is a must see for its uniqueness as the largest observation wheel in the world.

National Museum of Singapore - At just $10 per person, this attraction is an amazing value. The nearby art gallery is also included in the purchase of the ticket, but one could spend an entire day just at this museum. If you were looking for one place to learn the history of Singapore in a day, this would be it. The audio tour does an excellent job in outlining the important events in amazing detail. Be prepared to spend some time here as there is much to see.

Chinatown - Yes this attraction is rather touristy; however it is a place that everyone in Singapore should come and see. Keep in mind that if you are looking to stay on a strict budget but also do some shopping, look at a few different places before purchasing. Many tourist trap shops are set up to get as much as possible from naïve tourists. An excellent place to stroll through and take a look at this very unique area of Singapore.

Other Budget Things to Do in Singapore