Budget Hotels in Singapore

Singapore is a vibrant city that draws a huge influx of tourists each year. Whether traveling for business or tourism, there are many great accommodations offered throughout the city. For the budget minded traveler finding cheap hotels in a city like Singapore can be difficult as accommodation is more expensive here than you might expect. Luckily there are many budget hotel options available for travelers and with a bit of research and making your reservation ahead of time, travelers can save big over the other high priced hotels catering to the uninformed tourist. These 5 hotels are the ones to watch for when looking to book cheap accommodation in Singapore.

Top 5 Budget Hotels in Singapore

Aqueen Hotel Balestier - Located strategically on Balestier street, this hotel offer great convenience and comfort on a budget. What it lacks in extravagance, it more than makes up for in affordability. With rooms starting at just $78 and free Wi-Fi, many travelers find the hotel to be just what is needed for a stopover in Singapore. 

Aqueen Budget Hotel in Singapore

Fragrance Emerald Hotel - While this hotel may be a bit under the standards of some more well to do travelers, budget travelers find this place to serve its purpose a nice clean place to sleep. Though outdated and cheaply furnished, the hotel is well located and provides rooms from just $52 per night, a fraction of the cost of many of the hotels in the city. While it will win no awards for its class and elegance, the hotel is a functional cheap place to stay when in Singapore.

Fragrance Emerald Hotel Singapore

Strand Hotel - The Strand hotel is a pleasant surprise for most guests. When paying in the price range of just $62 per night, many are not expecting the nice surrounds and even somewhat chic appeal offered at the Strand. This well located hotel also serves a good breakfast an added bonus unheard of in this price range.

Value Hotel Nice - Starting from just $69 per night, the Value Hotel Nice offers quaint rooms that are modern and clean. With LCD TV’s in the rooms, a convenient location and elegant common areas, this hotel feels much higher end than other budget options and it is a great choice for those who need a nice hotel on the cheap.

Hotel 81 Palace - This is the cheapest option on the list starting from just $44 per night. As is such it will not offer the amenities of the others, but the cleanliness, location and helpful staff are what set this hotel apart. For the frugal minded traveler that isn’t as picky about the accommodations, this hotel is a great option.

Hotel 81 Singapore on a budget


Other Singapore Budget Accomadations