The Best Budget Restaurants in Singapore

Eating out in any big city can certainly be expensive for tourists who are not familiar with the more cost effective restaurants in the city. The same is true in Singapore, where both high end dining and reasonably prices restaurants are available to those who know where to find them. For budget minded travelers looking to eat some of the great food available here, it is important to know where to go to find it. With a diverse population, the food here comes from many different regions and Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine can easily be found around the city. The following 5 restaurants are not only cheap, but highly rated by travelers as some of the best places to check out when in Singapore.

Top 5 Budget Restaurants in Singapore

Banana Leaf Apolo Restaurant - Cheap eats and amazing food. The fish head curry is unbeatable for the price and this place will keep you coming back. A favorite among locals and travelers alike, the restaurant is has many plates under $10 and makes a great alternative to other high priced, touristy places that are so plentiful in Singapore.

Akashi Japanese Restaurant - If Japanese food if more your taste then be sure not to miss Akashi when in Singapore. This place offers great Sushi and Bento and the friendly service usually reserved for the higher prices establishments.  With many offering under $10 and the entire menu being relatively cheap, this is a great place to check out. In a city where the good things will usually cost you an arm and a leg, Akashi is a welcome change.

Loy Kee Chicken Rice - Chicken Rice is a favorite dish in Singapore and not many places do it better than Loy Kee. The delicious chicken rice served with your choice of sauces is something that will keep you coming back for more. A favorite among locals and expats, this cheap restaurant is a terrific budget option.

Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant - This is a great place to come and experience delicious authentic Indonesian food. Cheap and delicious food is served buffet style allowing guests to pile it on in the ways that they wish. The Oxtail soup here is a favorite among patrons and seemingly everything dish here is superb.

Crystal Jade - A great place to go for delicious Cantonese cuisine. For the price, this place is unmatched in quality by other similar restaurants. A great place to come check out some of the best Chinese food in Singapore that you can find under $10.

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