Best Places to Shop in Singapore

When coming to the city of Singapore, it can be difficult to not get lost in the busy and frenetic pace of this city. The port city is located on a small island than inhabits over 5 million people bringing new meaning to the term density. In such a city it can be difficult to find the best places around town for shopping. Luckily Singapore is a fairly easy city to figure out once you have a firm grasp of the different districts and what they are home to. Some of the world's best shopping malls are in this area. The shopping differs greatly by which area you choose to visit.

Orchard Road

As is with many cities, there are many tourist driven shopping areas such as the shopping malls on Orchard Road. Here you can find nearly anything you are looking for and the large concentration of shopping malls makes this district by far the largest shopping area in Singapore.  Furthermore, much of the cities dining, accommodation and nightlife are all nearby, many travelers may well spend the majority of their time here.


No doubt Bugis street is a great place to shop when in Singapore. For a fraction of a cost of the shopping on Orchard Street, many of the same great clothing and accessories are available here. This is the place to come and stroll the streets browsing the many options of the many street vendors who set up shop here.

Marina Bay

Just to the east of downtown is the Marina bay area. The district has undergone and continues to see major redevelopment and many shopping, dining and entertainment options are spread throughout the district. Known as the trendy and hip place to be along with Orchard Road, marina bay is fast becoming a top destination get out and get some great shopping in. Trendy shops are emerging in the newly developed areas to offer some great choices for shoppers both local and foreign.

Tekka Market

This is the place to go for a cultural melting pot that provides unique and diverse shopping opportunities. Build in 2003 the Tekka Market is located in Little India and is home to many shopping and dining options. The market is a great place for cost effective clothing and accessories and provides much more budget friendly options than the previously mentioned areas.  Great Indian fabrics and traditional clothing are available here along with a variety of different shops selling jewelry and other items.

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